Lower Erkhuwa Hydropower Project (14.15 MW)

Sunday - Friday : 10:00 AM to 5:00 Pm


Message From Chairman

The end of the FY 2014/015 (Nepali FY 2071/072) saw new beginnings at National Hydro PowerCompany. Despite the devastating earthquake and its continuing aftershocks of April, which arecontinually rattling Sindhupalchowk District, our Indrawati III hydropower Project recorded thehighest revenue generation of this decade. We saw the loans of the company significantlydecrease to levels where the total loan is a small percentage of our annual revenue, and profit isat an all-time high. We also saw the management publish its quarterly report, on time, for thesecond consecutive quarter in well over four years. Likewise the company has managed itsinternal conflicts and is moving ahead with planning future projects and investments. Part of themoving forward agenda is the creation and launching of this new website.

NHPC Board, management, its staff and its thousands of shareholders are all witnesses to the upsand downs this company has faced in the last dozen years. I ask all our supporters and believersto take strength from the hardships and troubles we have been through and work with us as westart formulating and implementing programs to add value to shareholders’ investment,reestablish pride in all our staff and associates, and reclaim the lost credibility of the company.There is little benefit that will come from brooding over the past and wallowing in the tragediesthat had befallen us.

We are now looking forward to an era of growth. Hydropower is Nepal's only resource to upliftthe country from povertyto prosperity. Nepal is embarking upon new ventures with thepossibility of power trading with neighboring countries. When this is implemented Nepal will finda huge, power hungry market for its indigenous hydroelectricity. We of course do notunderestimate the market that already exists in Nepal for electricity. This increase in demand forenergy will absolutely benefit the country, bust just as importantly it will benefit hydropowercompanies and their shareholders who have been looking for larger markets for absorbing theenergy we can generate, especially in the monsoon months. We are also mindful that thehydropower sector is an investor friendly sector that provides high levels of returns to investors.As a responsible public company our efforts willbe to help alleviate the scourge of load sheddingin our country and at the same time to also provide rightful returns to our investors.

We must also remember that hydro energy is also a form of renewable which in the long run,and in a global context, helps protects the environment for us here in Nepal as well as for ourcitizens of the world.So please join us in our journey as we strive to reduce load shedding, add shareholder value,reestablish the brand of NHPC in Nepal's hydro sector and also contribute to the environmentalwellbeing of our country and that of the world at large.