Welcome to Hydropower Project

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Our Team

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Er. Kumar Pandey || Executive Chairman
Email: kumar@lowererkhuwahydro.com
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Bishweshwar Subedi || Executive Director
Email: bishweshwar@lowererkhuwahydro.com
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Shushila Sharma || Director
Email: shushila@lowererkhuwahydro.com
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Nawa Raj Nepal || Director
Email: nawar@lowererkhuwahydro.com
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Somnath Sapkota || Director
Email: somnath@lowererkhuwahydro.com
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Shiva Ram Pradhan || Director
Email: shiva@lowererkhuwahydro.com
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Shyam Bahadur Basnet || Director
Email: shyam@lowererkhuwahydro.com