Lower Erkhuwa Hydropower Project (14.15 MW)

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Project Details

Lower Erkhuwa Hydropower Project (14.15 MW)


1.1 General

The Lower Erkhuwa hydropower Project is located in Nepale Dada and Chauki Dada VDC of Bhojpur District., in East Nepal. It is located in the lower region of the Higher Himalayas, in the catchment of the Arun River, which is a major tributary y of the SaptaKoshi River system. The Project is approximately 12 km upstream from Tumlingtar. The Project is a run-of-river hydropower having design discharge of 1.20 m3 /s. The plant will utilize a net head of 146 m and is expected to generate approximately 79.8 GWh of energy annually. The Project is expected to be environmentally benign, and it is expected to enhance the local environment and livelihood of the local people.

1.2 Establishment of the Company

The Lower Erkhuwa Hydroelectric Co. (P) Ltd. has been incorporated to develop this Project. Presently we are seeking partners to share in the equity for the Project. National Hydropower Co. Ltd (NHPC) having experience building and operating hydropower projects will lead the equity team holding majority shares, at least up to the construction period of the Project.

1.3 Special Features of the Project

The Project has the following features which makes it very attractive for investors:
  • Perennial water source from stream and lake
  • Medium Head Project
  • Run of River Scheme
  • Minimum size tunnel
  • Eastern Nepal where energy demand is high
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Project does not lie in sensitive zone
  • Motorable access is available
  • Short transmission line

Salient Features